2 Seasons

Omamo is packed with fun Islamic songs for everyone.

The videos are designed to facilitate melodic learning. Each episode is aimed to help kids learn and remember things in an entertaining way.

Want to sing Alif, Ba, Ta in a rock version? Join Mohamed and Momo and let's sing together!

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  • Let's Pray Salah

    Episode 1

    Let's pray Salah with Mohamed and Momo, and learn the names and order of the five daily prayers.

  • Bismillah
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Let's learn to say Bismillah with Mohamed and Momo!

    Are you ready? :)

  • Sing Along Alif Ba Ta in 4 versions

    Episode 3

    Join Mohamed and Momo to sing Alif Ba Ta in 4 versions you may have never heard of.

  • Learn 25 Prophets' Names in Quran

    Episode 4

    Did you know that there are 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran?

    Let's join Mohamed and Momo to learn and memorize their names.