Leo the Truck

Leo the Truck

63 Episodes

Join Leo and his friends Lifty and Skoop in their everyday adventures as they build vehicles and machines!

Leo is a dump truck. He is widely known as the inquisitive truck as he is curious to learn how things work.

Leo loves building and discovering things. He likes to share some fun with others and be of some help, too!

His friends Lifty and Skoop join him in his expedition to look for the missing parts of vehicles and machines. When things don't go well with Lifty and Skoop, Leo lends them a hand to find a solution.

Are you a curious learner as Leo? We bet you are! :)

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Leo the Truck
  • Haul Truck
    Episode 25

    Haul Truck

    Episode 25

    Oh, there are lots of parts on the playground!

    Leo, are we going to build a big vehicle today?

    Yes, a haul truck!

  • Alarm Clock
    Episode 26

    Alarm Clock

    Episode 26

    Leo is going to build something different today.

    Do you know what he is going to build?

    An alarm clock!

  • Pyramid
    Episode 27


    Episode 27

    Let's learn some colors while building a toy pyramid with Leo!

  • Tower of Blocks!

    Episode 28

    Leo is collecting some colored blocks to build a colorful tower!

    Let's join him to see what kind of tower he makes.

  • Fuel Tanker
    Episode 29

    Fuel Tanker

    Episode 29

    Let's construct a fuel tanker with Leo, and fill a taxi with fuel!

  • Tow Truck
    Episode 30

    Tow Truck

    Episode 30

    Leo is assembling a tow truck today, but some of its parts are missing!

    Can you help Leo to find them?

  • Forklift Truck

    Episode 31

    Leo built a forklift truck, and when it went on its first test drive to lift a block, the rear wheels went up!

    Do you know what's missing?

    Let's join Leo to find out!

  • Road Roller
    Episode 32

    Road Roller

    Episode 32

    Today, Leo constructs a powerful road roller that can help us build roads!

  • Crane
    Episode 33


    Episode 33

    A crane with a missing cabin?!

    Oh, no! We need to find the missing cabin for Leo, so he can finish constructing the crane!

    Let's help him!

  • Ambulance
    Episode 34


    Episode 34

    Leo is coming with a new friend! It's a small police car!

    But do you know what Leo is going to build today?

    An ambulance!

  • Tractor
    Episode 35


    Episode 35

    Leo is building a tractor with a front-end loader! Let's see how he assembles the vehicle.

  • Taxi
    Episode 36


    Episode 36

    Leo assembled a taxi, but it's missing one of its headlights!

    Let's see if Leo could find the missing headlight, so the taxi can start transporting passengers.

  • Skoop
    Episode 37


    Episode 37

    Leo has a new friend called Skoop!

    Skoop is an Excavator like Excavator Max, but much smaller!

    Do you want to see what Skoop can do?

    Let's watch together!

  • Police Car
    Episode 38

    Police Car

    Episode 38

    Leo has built a police car, but it's missing something!

    Leo, can we look for the missing part? So it can go out on patrol.

  • Ice Cream Machine

    Episode 39

    Oh, it's so hot! How can we cool down?

    Don't worry. Leo and his friend Lifty are building an Ice Cream Machine!

  • Happy Birthday!

    Episode 40

    Leo is celebrating his birthday today! Happy birthday, Leo!

    We are making a delicious cake for him, but will there be enough cake for Lifty & Excavator Max?

  • Spaceship
    Episode 41


    Episode 41

    Wow, Leo is going to build a spaceship today, but we need fuel to launch the rocket. We need to set it up on the launch pad as well!

    So who is going to help Leo?

  • Robot
    Episode 42


    Episode 42

    Leo has built a smart robot, but it's not turning on!

    What's missing, Leo?

  • Bye, Old House!

    Episode 43

    Leo needs to demolish his old house to build a new one. So today, he is constructing a big crane with a big wrecking ball to help him get the task done!

  • Leo's New House!

    Episode 44

    Leo has finished building his new house with the help of Lifty and Skoop!

    Come and see what it looks like!

  • Scooter
    Episode 45


    Episode 45

    Watch how Lifty helped Leo to find the missing handle and trunk of his built scooter.

  • Hovercraft
    Episode 46


    Episode 46

    Leo is constructing a new vehicle that could help Lifty to remove all the blocks to the other side of the river.

    Can you guess what it is?

    A hovercraft!

  • Harvester
    Episode 47


    Episode 47

    Oh, the harvest is ripe!

    But who is going to gather the ripened crops?

    Don't worry! We have Leo who will build us a harvester today!

  • Quadcopter
    Episode 48


    Episode 48

    Leo and Lifty are constructing a quadrocopter which can fly high above them!

    Let's join them to see how they are getting on.