43 Episodes

The KikoRiki world is a place full of fun adventures, real-life situations and valuable life lessons. The short comedic episodes capture the lives and challenges of a vibrant and colourful cast of characters.

In the vibrant world of KikoRiki, there’s always something to discover or an adventure to embark on, while having fun along the way. Set in a fairy-tale landscape of meadows, mountains and more, the enchanted stories of KikoRiki teach valuable lessons about cooperation, creativity, core values, self-acceptance, support and communication. The colourful cast complement one another’s unique personalities. They are never belittling or insulting, and characters accept and respect each other for who they are.

Every episode contains a new adventure and a finished story. Each begins with an issue, problem or question posed by a Riki. Each character approaches the situation from a different perspective to play to their strengths and help to solve the issue, problem or question.

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  • Beauty
    Episode 25


    Episode 25

    Dokko, an avid lover of beauty, decides to decorate his home by hanging a picture on the wall. Krash, Chiko and Rosa are on their way to help!

  • The Last Rainbow

    Episode 26

    Publishing a newspaper is a fascinating and creative activity.

    Once the KikoRiki friends run out of news, they turn to Krash's wild imagination.

    What should be printed: the truth or an interesting fiction?

  • Bath Procedures

    Episode 27

    When Krash decides to join his friends in their morning exercise routine, he has to follow all of their rules including when it comes to the aqua exercises!

  • The Big Race

    Episode 28

    Are you ready for a great race?

    The KikoRikis treat this special annual event like a holiday. High-speed models of the most fantastic vehicles are ready to bring the Kikoriki to victory!

    Who will be the holder of the cherished Cup?

  • Magnetism
    Episode 29


    Episode 29

    One year ago, Krash buried a can of carrot juice somewhere.

    The trouble is, he can't remember where!

    As Krash and Wally search for the can, they find a magnet.

    Can the friends use the magnet to help find the carrot juice?

  • The Secret Society

    Episode 30

    Krash and Chiko create their own secret society, which they keep as a secret of course! That is, until they accept Wally into their secret society: and the secret gets out!

  • Mountains and Candies

    Episode 31

    Wally loves to gaze out over the mountains, but he wants Rosa to be sat there beside him. Rosa doesn't like doing it much, so she proposes an interesting alternative.

  • What Everybody Needs

    Episode 32

    Krash decides to study the age-old question: what does everyone need? He turns to Chiko for advice.

    Will Krash uncover the answer to what every KikoRiki needs?

  • The Triumph of Reason

    Episode 33

    One exciting day, Dokko is awarded a prize.

    Not just any prize, but the Nobel Prize!

    All his friends are here to help him get ready for the awards ceremony.

  • The Inner Clock

    Episode 34

    Krash, Chiko, Rosa and Wally have planned a day out to the beach. However, Wally oversleeps again!

    It is his mysterious living clocks, not Wally, that is to blame.

  • The Sweetness of Honey

    Episode 35

    Without honey, life simply is not as sweet, but too much honey proves irresistible to Barry, who loses all his willpower!

    Can the KikoRiki friends come to Barry's rescue and help him overcome his sweet tooth?

  • In Sweet Harmony

    Episode 36

    One beautiful summer day, Wally sits down to compose his best musical masterpiece - but can’t find the right harmony!

    Luckily, Krash, Chiko and Barry are on hand to help.

  • The Lucky Talisman

    Episode 37

    Krash and Chiko are going to take a trip in a hot air balloon. Wally wants to fly with them too, but he has a fear of heights.

    Olga can always be relied upon to help and gives Wally a talisman to protect him from misfortune.

    Now our hero hasn't got a care in the world!

  • A Story for Rosa

    Episode 38

    A scary tale may not be so scary after all!

    Chiko and Krash tell a bedtime horror story to Rosa, but they have no idea that the story might actually be closer to a fairy tale romance.

  • Little Big Sea

    Episode 39

    On their latest adventure, Krash and Chiko decide to let a raft out to sea with waste they collected on the coast.

    When they suddenly see a huge dark spot coming towards them in the water, they need Pin's help to save the day!

  • Admirers in the Sky

    Episode 40

    Poor Barry, someone trampled all over his wheat fields!

    Who could it have been, and why did they draw aliens and locusts all over the field?

    There is a simple clue that will help the KikoRikis solve the mystery.

  • Great News!
    Episode 41

    Great News!

    Episode 41

    Restless Krash decides to test not only his own strength, but that of his friends as well.

    He brings Chiko and Wally to the mountains with him, but they just want to get back home.

    Krash is not ready to end the adventure, and keeps coming up with new ideas for things to do!

  • The Butterfly

    Episode 42

    One day, Dokko finds out that he used to be a butterfly in his previous life. All he can do now is run around the meadow sniffing flowers!

    It's time for Dokko's friends to take some decisive measures.

  • Meteorology
    Episode 43


    Episode 43

    Krash and Chiko are tired of the endless rain.

    Carlin, the great dreamer, tells them a legend about the beak of a moon raven watering the starry sky, but Dokko has a completely different theory!