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Ali Huda Subscription

Subscribe to Get Unlimited Access to all of the great content from Ali Huda.
Probably the best investment you'll ever make in your kid(s) future.
Automatically receive updates as they are released!

  • Little Explorers

    1 Season

  • Ibn Battuta - The Prince of Expl...

    2 Seasons

  • Marvellous Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  • Women Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  • Verses Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  • Animal Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  • Human Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  • KikoRiki

    1 Season

  • Men Around The Prophet

    2 Seasons

  • Knowsy Nina

    1 Season

  • Companions of the Prophet (SAW)

    1 Season

  • Saladin

    1 Season

  • Karazah

    1 Season

  • Story of Prophets

    1 Season

  • Omar & Hana

    1 Season

  • Leo the Truck

    1 Season

  • Doctor Mac Wheelie

    1 Season

  • Excavator Max

    1 Season

  • Clever Cars

    1 Season

  • Smarta and Her Magic Bag

    1 Season

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  1. Little Explorers

    1 Season

    Little Explorers is a children’s show which offers valuable education on the teachings of Islam presented in an entertaining and stimulating way.

    Come join in on the fun as Little Hamzah learns with the help of Br. Muhammad and Little Maryam, and all of you Little Explorers, as they join in on the fun and adventure of learning!

    Uncle Zee creates beautiful masterpieces that all of you Little Explorers can do at home. Boy! Does Little Hamzah g...

  2. Ibn Battuta - The Prince of Explorers

    2 Seasons

    This is a story of Muhammad ibn Battuta - a Muslim traveller from Morocco who is known as Ibn Battuta. He is one of the renowned explorers in the recorded history whose journeys and travels earned him the title "The Prince of Explorers". And he was the first to traverse across Asia, Africa and Europe.

    Join us as we embark along Ibn Battuta's quest that encompasses triumphs and failures as he made his ways through foreign lands into the pages of...

  3. Marvellous Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  4. Women Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  5. Verses Stories from Quran

    1 Season

    الطفل صفي الدين حفيد القاضي الذي أصبح ماهراً فى الرماية بالقوس والسهم أصاب حمامة زاجلة في قدمها رسالة. يعاتبه جده القاضي على إيذاء الحمامة المسكينة ثم يكتشف وجود تلك الرسالة بها بلغة اجنبية ( حروف لاتينية مثلاً) ويتضح للقاضي أن الرسالة تفشي أدق أسرار المملكة وتفاصيل حياة الناس في الأسواق وهي مُرسلة من جاسوس إلى قائد جيوش أجنبية، وينعقد مجلس الحكم بين الخليفة والأمير خالد والقاضي وصاحب الشرطة .. ويتم تكليف صاحب الشرطة بسرعة التحري في سرية لكشف غموض...

  6. Animal Stories from Quran

    1 Season

  7. Human Stories from Quran

    1 Season

    الربان جلال الدين يمتاز بالهدوء و الثقة بالنفس و يهوى القراءة و يعشق البحر حتى لقب بصاحب البحر ويساعده اثنان من البحاره لؤلؤ و مرجان .

    لؤلؤسمين لكنه خفيف الظل و هوايتة إلتهام الطعام , اما مرجان فهو نحيف و ملامحة توحى بالمكر و الدهاء .

    و بما ان لؤلؤ يعشق الطعام فسمح للطفل البدوى زياد بالتجول داخل السفينة مقابل كوب حليب دون علم الربان جلال الدين .

    و تشاء الاقدار ان يتعب الطفل و يغلبة النعاس دون ان يدرى أى منهما و فجأه وهم فى منتصف البح...

  8. KikoRiki

    1 Season

    The KikoRiki world is a place full of fun adventures, real-life situations and valuable life lessons. The short comedic episodes capture the lives and challenges of a vibrant and colourful cast of characters.

    In the vibrant world of KikoRiki, there’s always something to discover or an adventure to embark on, while having fun along the way. Set in a fairy-tale landscape of meadows, mountains and more, the enchanted stories of KikoRiki teach valu...

  9. Men Around The Prophet

    2 Seasons

  10. Knowsy Nina

    1 Season

    Follow Knowsy Nina, the inquisitive girl, as she learns fun and exciting things about science, nature, and everyday life!

    This edutainment series revolves around the lovable and nosy Nina (or “Knowsy’, because she is super nosy about knowledge!) and her pet rabbit Smarty-pants as they discover the fun world of science, nature and general knowledge. The show is ideal for little kids who have just begun to observe the world around them.

    Are you...

  11. Companions of the Prophet (SAW)

    1 Season

    Watch the stories of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

    The stories are structured to teach your little ones about the life and achievements of Sahabah in an easy to understand format.

    The show is ideal for 6 to 12 year old children.

  12. Saladin

    1 Season

    Saladin (Arabic: صلاح الدين Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn) is an animated project inspired by the life of Salah Al-Din Yusuf Ibni Ayub, the Islamic hero who united Muslims in the holy war against the Crusaders in the 12th century.

    The story begins with young Salahuddin who leaves his home in Damascus with his best friend, Tarik, to seek his own path. But his destiny is much greater than what he could dream of, which ultimately brings him back to Damascus, where ...

  13. Karazah

    1 Season

    عن قناة كرزة:
    هي قناة على موقع اليوتيوب ، قمنا بإنشائها لتعليم الأطفال أساسيات اللغة العربية بطريقة علمية جذابة ، وهدفنا تحقيق تطلعاتكم وآمالكم في إيجاد أغانٍ ترفيهية موثوقة ، ذات جودة عالية ، تحبِّب الأطفال باللغة العربية ، وتساعدهم على تعلمها
    في قناة كرزة ستجدون محتوى علمياً ترفيهاً ﻷطفالكم ، يوفر لهم الفائدة والمتعة في آن واحد

    Karazah, meaning Cherry in Arabic, is an upcoming nursery songs that teach kids the fundamentals of the Arabic lang...

  14. Story of Prophets

    1 Season

    Stories of Prophets for Kids is a compilation of Islamic stories based on the Prophets in Islam.

    The series is ideal for 9-12 year old children. Each video presents the stories of the Prophets from different times. Every episode highlights the work of a Prophet, and how he preached the message of Allah (SWT).

    The length of each segment and the easy to understand narrative makes the show an ideal teaching resource for parents and teachers.

  15. Omar & Hana

    1 Season

    Follow the journey of Omar, Hana, their family and friends as they play, learn and teach good Islamic characteristic and moral values through songs. Alhamdulillah!

  16. Leo the Truck

    1 Season

    Join Leo and his friends Lifty and Skoop in their everyday adventures as they build vehicles and machines!

    Leo is a dump truck. He is widely known as the inquisitive truck as he is curious to learn how things work.

    Leo loves building and discovering things. He likes to share some fun with others and be of some help, too!

    His friends Lifty and Skoop join him in his expedition to look for the missing parts of vehicles and machines. When thin...

  17. Doctor Mac Wheelie

    1 Season

    Do you love vehicles? Would you like to learn more about them?

    Let's join Doctor Mac Wheelie in her garage to learn about vehicle mechanics!

    In each episode, Doctor Mac Wheelie repairs a vehicle in her garage. She explains why it malfunctions and how she is going to fix it. She has a Robot assistant called Handy who helps her get the vehicles fixed in no time!

    The series is an excellent choice for kids who love vehicles, as they get the op...

  18. Excavator Max

    1 Season

    Let’s join Excavator Max to play hide and seek, and learn new words while having some fun on the playground!

    Each episode brings a fun activity for Excavator Max where he needs to find the surprise egg to build a vehicle or to look for the missing ball on his carousel.

    The show is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers, as it develops an interest in kids to learn and explore new words. The clear narration not only helps them to hear the words bu...

  19. Clever Cars

    1 Season

    Join Clever Cars in their little adventures to learn numbers, shapes, colors, and more kids see in their everyday life.

    Each episode will introduce a set of words with 3D-animated objects, so kids can learn the words faster to build their vocabulary. Kids will be challenged to identify, name, and classify the objects after introducing them to reinforce their learning. The repetitive learning style revealing different situations would help kids ...

  20. Smarta and Her Magic Bag

    1 Season

    Join Smarta and her magic bag to help them undertake the tasks and challenges they come across in their little everyday adventures.

    The series is about a kind girl Smarta who is willingly ready to solve problems and assist others with the help of her dog Spotty and her navigator. While they go in solving problems, they look at the things around them which they introduce to kids encouraging them to observe and learn.

    Smarta’s generosity, cour...

  21. Color with Leo

    1 Season

    Let's have some fun in the playground while learning colors with Leo the inquisitive truck!

    The show is ideal for preschoolers to learn and recognize different colors.

    In each episode, Leo brings his colored pencils to draw and paint a new picture while teaching the colors and their different shades. The animated videos will encourage kids to explore and experiment with colors, shapes, lines, patterns, and structure that will foster their cre...

  22. Cartoon Playground

    1 Season

    Welcome to the Cartoon Playground! Let’s construct some vehicles to help us collect the number blocks!

    The series is designed for little kids to help them learn the numbers in an interactive and fun way while learning about vehicles and their parts.

    In each episode, the cartoon playground takes on a challenge to construct a vehicle using the given parts. The vehicles then help the playground to collect the number blocks and put them in the pr...

  23. 4 Cars

    1 Season

    Follow 4 Cars on their journey to learn, explore, and have some fun!

    The edutainment series provides lots of contents for kids to learn. From colors and shapes to animals and vehicles, kids get the opportunity to learn all in one place.

    Each episode has a theme explored in different ways: as an adventure, a mystery or a puzzle to solve - through which kids learn the objects and words they see around the 4 Cars.

    The black car in the series ...

  24. Airport

    1 Season

    Do you like Airports? Are you a curious learner who wants to know more about aircrafts?

    Follow 3D Cartoon Airport to learn numbers in an exciting and fun way! Kids will learn how aircrafts are built, their parts, and uses - all while learning how to count!

    In each episode, a new aircraft is built and set on a mission to find the number blocks. The cargo helicopter would go and collect each block to deliver to the airport to arrange them in se...

  25. UMMI

    1 Season

    UMMI is an animated series infused with entertainment and educational values targeted for children and family viewing. A charming and warm-hearted woman called Ummi tells stories mainly taken from the Quran and Hadiths to educate her children -- Putri, Alif, Hanna, Aiman & Atan.

    Each series features fun sing-along and easy listening songs sung by the characters, which subtlety carries message of daily prayers and good deeds. Many interesting, en...

  26. Ummi Songs

    1 Season

    Selected songs from Ummi Series.

    You can watch the series here:

    UMMI is an animated series infused with entertainment and educational values targeted for children and family viewing. A charming and warm-hearted woman called Ummi tells stories mainly taken from the Quran and Hadiths to educate her children -- Putri, Alif, Hanna, Aiman & Atan.

    Each series features fun sing-along and easy listening songs sung by th...

  27. Kit^n^Kate

    1 Season

    Kit^n^Kate is an educational television series about two small kitties who learn how to make right choices while enjoying magical adventures in their playroom. The series teaches kids to overcome difficulties while communicating with friends and grown-ups and help mastering rules of conduct in various situations.

    Two small kitties named Kit and Kate love their toy box. As soon as they hop inside, magic starts to happen. Kids’ imagination transf...

  28. Qumi-Qumi

    1 Season

    Qumi-Qumi is an animated series for kids 8-12 years old. Qumi-Qumi galaxy is a picturesque world with a slight resemblance to Earth which is inhabited by three tribes living on three different islands.

    The tribes - Jumi-Qumi, Yumi-Qumi and Shumi-Qumi have different looks and lifestyles and don’t have common grounds. They even have different political systems and evolution stages. Jumi-Qumi is a primitive civilization governed by their Leader. Y...

  29. Aqil Story

    1 Season

    Aqil Story is an excellent series to teach kids about morals and Islamic values in an entertaining way. The main character Aqil depicts how to live by the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah. His exemplary conduct would push kids to become better individuals and live a meaningful life.

    The videos are presented in a way to keep kids amused and hooked on the stories until the end. Each episode teaches some lessons and Duas children could easily rem...

  30. Little Explorers - The Prophets

    1 Season

    The Prophets from Little Explorers is an educational series hosted by Sheikh Daood and Uncle Jawad. The program is committed to teaching the stories of the Prophets in an interactive way.

    Each episode introduces a prophet and their story, connecting with real-life examples children face day to day in their lives. This gives more clarity and perception when listening to the stories that will inspire kids to do good and refrain from bad.

    The s...

  31. Little Explorers - The Den

    1 Season

    Join Uncle Den to discover and learn Islam in a fun way!

    The Series is a complete package with lots of learning and activities kids would love to dwell in. The different elements like exploring, learning, creating and narrating help kids to develop all different skills in one place.

    The Show has four different segments: Explore Learning, Explore Arabic, The Creative Den & The Den Storytime. Each segment contributes to building a generation o...

  32. D-Lish

    1 Season

    D-Lish is a show that gives young people the opportunity to show off their skills in the kitchen. It’s a children’s cooking competition where judges will assess their skills based on a set of deciding factors that will ultimately help them choose the winner.

    The show starts with knockout rounds where the contestants will be chosen for quarterfinals, then semifinals and finally through to the grand final where one of them will be crowned as the K...

  33. Out & About

    1 Season

    Out & About is all about exploring and learning where kids are taken to some interesting places: from Museum and Art House to Zoo and Tropical World.

    The program is designed to inspire kids to explore and learn about the world around them. Each episode introduces them to a unique place they may never heard of. This will give them a wide spectrum of knowledge, learning some unusual facts and stories of the past, present as well as the future.

  34. Kids in the Kitchen

    1 Season

    Kids in the Kitchen is an interactive series of cooking videos for kids.

    The quick and easy recipes will encourage kids to get interested in food and involve in the kitchen. The program will teach them practical skills, responsibility, the importance of following instructions, and how to make good choices and learn from mistakes.

  35. Zain Bhikha

    1 Season

    Since 1994, Zain Bhikha has inspired fans the world over with his messages of hope and upliftment. As a singer, songwriter and through creative workshops and television, Zain is amongst the most popular English Islamic artists, well-loved by young and old.
    In 2014, Zain celebrates twenty years as an artist. With twelve albums under his belt and a thirteenth to be released this year, Zain’s audience continues to grow in his country of birth, South ...

  36. Alif & Sofia

    2 Seasons

    Alif and Sofia is a 3D animated series mainly designed for little kids to help them learn the very basics of Islam. Children will learn Shahadah, five pillars of Islam, names of the Prophets, names of the five daily prayers, and many more.

    The program is designed to encourage kids to start learning about Islam at a very early age. The melodic learning will give them an opportunity to help them remember what they learned in each episode. The seri...

  37. Science Made Cool

    1 Season

    Join Professor T to have a hands-on experience with some cool science experiments.

    The program will encourage kids to explore the world of science at an early age. The discovery-style learning will help kids to develop logical and sequential thinking, and thus fostering the passion of science in them.

    Are you curious about science? Let’s dig into some science fun!

  38. Khaleel's Make and Do

    1 Season

    Looking for some fun and crafty activities to do at home?

    Join uncle Khaleel’s creative crowd where he shows how to make and do some fun and easy crafts.

    The videos will encourage and inspire kids to discover their own creativity by bringing imagination, passion, and joy together.

  39. Tales Of Wisdom

    1 Season

    Start building a solid moral foundation with Adam, Dina, the little squirrel and many others who will take you through their life to share some important moral lessons.

    These fun and entertaining tales will educate, motivate and inspire kids to become a better human.

    Each episode has a specific goal to teach one or more lessons to understand the core values of life in an easy way. This will encourage kids to learn what's truly important in li...

  40. Mini Reflections

    1 Season

    Mini Reflections is about kids sharing their thoughts and experience on a given topic that they presumably know something about.

    The series mainly focuses on encouraging kids to open up their thoughts and observations, to interact with other people, and to learn.

  41. Muslims of the World

    1 Season

    Did you know that Kenya has 4.5 million Muslims from its population? And Malaysia has the tallest twin tower in the world while Abu Dhabi has got the world's largest chandelier? Wow!

    Watch our series to find out more interesting facts from countries all around the world.

    Feed your curiosity and enjoy learning!

  42. Omamo

    2 Seasons

    Omamo is packed with fun Islamic songs for everyone.

    The videos are designed to facilitate melodic learning. Each episode is aimed to help kids learn and remember things in an entertaining way.

    Want to sing Alif, Ba, Ta in a rock version? Join Mohamed and Momo and let's sing together!

  43. Salman and Aisha's Adventures

    1 Season

    Join Salman and Aisha to follow their adventures and stories where they will be showing you some simple daily practices you can do to make your everyday life better.

    The series focuses on encouraging kids to develop good manners and habits from an early age. Each episode will inspire them to be a better Muslim that will positively influence their personality to lead a happy and fulfilling Islamic life.

  44. Quran 4 Kids

    1 Season

    Having difficulty in pronouncing Arabic letters? Want to read Quran with proper Tajweed?

    Join Mrs. Kidd along with Haris, Tango, and Noodles to learn how to read Quran in the most effective way.

    The lessons are tailored to any type of learners - be it the visual, aural or kinesthetic; the program suits for all, allowing kids to get the most out of each lesson they watch.

  45. Amani and Zhirk Practice

    1 Season

    Join Amani, her family, and friends to learn some best practices children can incorporate in their daily life.

    Each episode teaches kids to live a meaningful life showing acts of kindness, gratitude, compassion, empathy, and goodwill that can positively influence them and those around.

    The Zikr and Sunnah practice on each episode will take children to a whole new level of learning Islamic values in a creative way.

  46. Once Upon A Time

    1 Season

    Children love a good story, and here on Eman Channel we will ensure that they get the best story time Insha’Allah!

    With a different Muslim personality reading out a different story each episode, your children will surely enjoy every second of it. No more dull story time… instead, they can look forward to a wonderfully fun program.

  47. Baba Ali Kids

    1 Season

    Baba Ali Kids is a fun series for children to help them improve their speaking and listening skills.

    Baba Ali's funny behavior along with his friend Mumu stresses the importance of having a sense of humor, allowing kids to develop problem-solving and social skills. This will further help them make logical connections, and thus improving their recognition skills as well.

    Would you like to be a friend of Baba Ali and Mumu? Let's join them!

  48. Scrap Book Island

    1 Season

    Join Uncle Jawad and his friends Croco, Fofo and Smoothie Bird on Scrap Book Island - his island of fun and mayhem!

    Your will learn about English and Arabic alphabet as well as numbers.

    You will also discover the Quran Tree where children learn about Quran.

    You will also visit Aunties Arty Cave where kids can set loose their creative imagination.

    By the way, don't forget Waterfall Sunnahs where kids learn duas.

    Last but not the leas...

  49. ...and much more!